Granny Boswell

Granny Boswell
Granny BoswellGranny Boswell
Granny Boswell is our 3rd great-grandmother
It is told that Granny Boswell was a very powerful witch 
Granny Boswell is on the wall at the  Museum of Witchcarft  Boscastle Cornwall .
When Ann (Granny Boswell) Kingston was born in 1820 in Ireland, her father, John, was 36, and her mother, Ann, was 32. She married Ephraim Boswell in 1865. They had eight children in 15 years. She died in 1909 in Helston, Cornwall, having lived a long life of 89 years 
We have heard so many stories about  Granny Boswell and that she helped so many people 
Agnes M Boswell was Granny Boswell daughter
Agnes Boswell (1863 - 1951)
2nd great-grandmother

When Agnes Boswell was born in 1863 in Penzance, Cornwall, her father, Ephraim, was 43, and her mother, Ann, was 43. She married William James Paul in 1883 in her hometown. They had 11 children in 21 years. She died on 3 January 1951 in Helston, Cornwall, at the age of 88.